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Morphocell Technologies is a Montreal-based, preclinical regenerative medicine company focused on the development and commercialization of cell therapies and engineered tissues aimed at treating severe organ deficiencies.


Morphocell is developing an extensive platform based on its allogeneic stem cell-derived engineered tissues for organ replacement therapy.


Morphocell’s first therapeutic product, ReLiver®, allows for the allogeneic treatment of acute and acute-on-chronic liver failure. Transient implantation of ReLiver® results in improved survival, treats hepatic encephalopathy and accelerates the recipient’s liver regeneration, all without the need of immunosuppression.

With >$7M in seed funding, Morphocell significantly de-risked the technology, collected compelling preclinical efficacy and safety data and addressed key hurdles in process development. Over the last year, the Company approached the clinical scale in manufacturing, carried out proof-of-concept studies in large animals, more than doubled its team, established key strategic partnerships and relocated into new state-of-the-art headquartes and laboratories. Now at 3 years from clinical trials, the company just kicked off its fundraising for a series A round of financing.

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