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Morphocell Technologies’ first core technology, ReLiver™, is being developed to restore liver functions in patients with liver failure. ReLiver™ is an engineered liver tissue that performs like the human liver:


  • It maintains metabolic function long-term with minimal lot-to-lot variability

  • It can be transplanted through a simple, minimally invasive surgery into the abdominal cavity of patients with liver failure to replace lacking vital liver functions

  • Preclinical studies showed ReLiver™ to be effective in restoring liver functions in subjects with acute liver failure, improving survival, preventing hepatic encephalopathy and promoting liver regeneration.

  • It is fully functional upon implantation, thus allowing to treat even more severe patients with fulminant liver failure

  • ReLiver™ was shown effective without the risk of rejection, hence without the need for immunosuppression, thus allowing an allogeneic approach (i.e. one product for all patients, with reduced costs)

  • It proved to be safe, with no induced inflammation or risk of tumour formation

  • It can be easily removed without sequelae once the patient’s liver regenerates, or a suitable organ donor is found for transplantation

  • It can be safely cryopreserved for future use without any loss of performance

Morphocell Technologies is developing ReLiver™ into 3 different products:


An implantable device for acute and acute-on-chronic liver failure, which is already in advanced pre-clinical assessment. Preclinical studies with ReLiver™ELT showed a reassuring safety profile coupled to out-of-the-box efficacy in treating acute liver failure, with significantly improved survival and prevented complications, without any risk of rejection or need for immunosuppression. Morphocell Technologies is currently starting scale-up and cGMP implementation in order to apply for an early stage clinical trial.​



An extracorporeal bio-artificial liver device, aimed at treating not only patients with acute, but also the tens of millions of patients with chronic liver failure. Integration of ReLiver™ technology into an extracorporeal blood-filtering machine will represent a long-term solution for patients with chronic liver failure, allowing the periodic replacement of liver functions for all patients on the waiting list for transplantation and for the great majority who are not eligible or have no access to transplant. Like kidney dialysis, such a periodic treatment has the potential to prevent the development of complications, or treat them if already present, and significantly improve the duration and quality of life.



An in vitro assay for next-generation drug discovery. Combining the versatility of stem cells with cutting-edge biomaterials and three-dimensional maturation techniques, ReLiver™’s unique features result in in-vitro functions comparable to human hepatocytes, with the added advantages of unlimited supply, consistent and long-lasting efficacy, and capacity to withstand cryopreservation. Being composed of all the cell types constituting the liver microenvironment, liver organoids within ReLiver™Assay are more representative of the human liver than the great majority of in vitro systems currently used for drug development. More representative models allow reducing drug failures in the clinical phases. All such features make the assay extremely promising for ADME/Tox screenings and metabolic testing of new drugs. Morphocell Technologies’ ReLiver™Assay is already used by pharmaceutical companies for the development and testing of new generations of drugs for liver disease.