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Derived from an unlimited stem cell source, our cell therapy platform will ultimately transform the treatment of liver disease. We are initially targeting acute and acute-on-chronic liver failure, the most challenging conditions that currently rely on liver transplantation as the only line of treatment.

ReLiver® has been designed to be:

  • Used as an allogeneic cell therapy

  • Implantable via minimally invasive surgery

  • Fully functional upon implantation

  • Easily removed without sequelae once the patient’s liver regenerates

  • Does not require immunosuppression

  • Can be cryopreserved for on-demand use

Pre-clinical data supports that ReLiver® :

  • Maintains metabolic function for >18 weeks

  • Restores liver function in representative small and large animal models of acute and acute-on-chronic liver failure, improving survival and treating hepatic encephalopathy

  • Is safe: cells are contained within the implant, the implant is transient and easily removed

  • Effectively evades the host immune system, with no rejection or inflammation

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